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Three models

What is the difference and which should I choose?


CLASSIC is for home use.

Can also be used as an effective additional tool for health therapists to enhance results and/or revenue. It can be used for about 1+ hour, often longer, before it needs to cool down for the next treatment.

600-800 watts


(approx. SEK 5,800)


PREMIUM gives the same results as Classic but faster, so you can shorten the treatment time. You can also use it longer without it needing to cool down between treatments. Therefore suitable for therapists or smaller clinics.

600-650 watts


(approx. SEK 17,200)


PRO gives the same results as Premium but even faster. Can be used without taking breaks for overheating. Therefore suitable for therapists and clinics where treatments must take place without breaks.

1200-1500 watts


(approx. SEK 58,000)

TIPS: Du kan betala online via KLARNA och dela upp betalningen i ett antal månader som du väljer själv.

Ask your personal Representative for the current prices in your home country, as it often can be lower than above! 
Example prices for a CLASSIC:  

For customers in SWEDEN:
* NOTE! If you pay in USD, it can sometimes be cheaper depending on he USD exchange rate. But it will then be an international purchase and you will NOT receive a receipt with Swedish VAT 25% specified.
* If you want to receive a product receipt with, for example, a possible VAT deduction, you need to pay in SEK. 
* If you want to split the payment, installments are only offered by the Swedish payment system KLARNA payable in SEK. 
* You buy the product from the person who recommended iTeraCare™ to you.

The products are sent from a central warehouse in Sweden. Presently, shipping is free by courier.
Delivery takes about 2-3 working days. Expect longer delivery times during promotions and long weekends.

If you want to buy a machine, contact the person who recommended the device to you.

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