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Updated: 2023-03-31

Welcome as a customer of Team TERA!


When you receive the frequency machine, always follow the instructions below:



* iTeraCare™ frequency machine should NOT be used when pregnant, when breastfeeding or during (heavy) menstruation.

* If anyone has Hypertension do not blow directly on the spot at the top of the head in the middle (crown chakra). (If using the 2-point method, see below, then blow around or some distance away from that spot.)

* Remove any lenses if the eyes are to be treated.

* Do not treat open, fresh wounds/injuries. 

* Do not blow directly on the heart in case of congenital heart issues, implanted electronic device, implants made of ceramic material, metal, plastic, silicone, fillers or other foreign material. That is, everything you were NOT born with.

Instead, blow around that area to stimulate healing in the area. Otherwise foreign material may be affected or metal may heat up and cause internal damage!




When you receive the machine, you are responsible for registering it as soon as possible for 1 year warranty: Email or SMS/TEXT the machine's serial number to the Representative you bought it from. The serial number (S/N) is on a label on your machine.


If problems arise with the machine within a year of purchase, please contact the person you bought the product from and they will help you.


How to use the frequency machine:

Go to - Log in as CUSTOMER with password: customer



When you are logged in, you can read/download a short manual about the machine. Read it first so you don't miss out on what to consider in terms of safety!


ATTENTION! Always allow the machine to cool completely before packing it and sealing its box. Otherwise condensation/moisture can form which can damage the machine.



Drink the charged water, preferably at room temperature, (does not need to be heated/cooked!) before and after a treatment and during the day/evening. It speeds up the toxin cleanse that has been activated during the treatment and you avoid possibly getting a headache. The more charged water you drink, even when you have not treated yourself, the more you can cleanse the body of debris and toxins. Some clients have only been drinking charged water (without treatment) and have reported their body has begun to heal various ailments.

Never hold the machine straight above the water, because the air current can cause water to splash into the machine. This may damage the device! 

Should you get water in the machine, let it blow on high heat to remove the moisture.

For strongest effect fill a large glass jug/jar and blow directly on the water,

on low setting (since heat is not needed) and a good distance away (so it doesn't splash) for one (1) minuteA glass of water is charged in 30 seconds.

You can blow through the glass to structure the water but then you lose some effect from the charge, that is important for the healing process.

Store charged water in a glass container with lid. Then the charge lasts up to 48 hours.

Containers made of plastic/metal, as well as too much oxygen, cause the water to lose the structure more quickly.

Team TERA recommends IKEA's glass container with tap and lid. It holds 5 litres, has a metal tap that lasts longer than plastic and has a good price.


The machine treats 20-30 cm from the skin into the body. You "warm up" the treatment area and "activate" the cells in the area to start the healing process. You treat a problem area for a few minutes but you can also treat much longer, especially if you have pain or an old injury.

Drink water (preferably charged) before and after a treatment. This promotes the treatment and you can avoid headaches and/or healing crises (see explanation about healing crisis below).



* Blow directly on the area you want to treat for a few minutes. Check the status of your pain/discomfort after a few minutes. If the problem has not improved, you can blow longer.


* If you have time:

Feel free to start blowing on the palms for 1-3 minutes each (then you treat the whole body via the meridians, etc.). Then you blow on problem areas.


* If you have more time (or no specific local problems):

General treatment/Basic treatment: The 2-point method according to Dr. Cochrane:

The treatment activates stem cells, opens lymph nodes, etc. and treats the WHOLE body.

Then you can blow on the local areas you might want to treat. 

ATTENTION! If you have high blood pressure use the Multi-point method, see below.


Team TERA recommends regularly using Dr. Cochran's 2-point method. It is extremely powerful, makes the other local treatment more effective and most people experience effects immediately after the treatment or the next day.

See instructions for the 2-point method on Team TERA's Youtube channel:

Below the video there is also written info with simple instructions.

ATTENTION! If the person has high blood pressure, we recommend for the time being that you blow on the side of the point on the head (crown chakra) or use the Multipoint method! 

ATTENTION! If you have high blood pressure:

Then you should not blow directly on the crown chakra point, use instead:

General treatment/Basic treatment: The Multipoint method.

* Blow 1-3 minutes on palms, feet, lymph nodes such as armpits and/or knee folds, at the neck/clavicle. (You can google where different lymph nodes are located).

* Feel free to end the protocol by blowing up and down the spine a few minutes.

If you are treating the spine yourself: This can be easier to do on yourself if you lie down on your side and turn the machine up and down along the spine. It can be good to do the spine without clothes as you can more easily feel where the blow is directed on your own back.

* After that you can blow on the local areas you want to treat. 

Overreaction/Healing crisis

We are all different, so listen to your body's signals. If you experience too strong reaction:

* Reduce the time of the treatment and increase at your own pace. 

* If you have used the 2-point method: Reduce the time and increase at your own pace or use the Multipoint method for a while.

* If you get a headache after the treatment, it is a reaction to the natural toxin cleanse that a treatment provides. Then you have drunk too little water and need to drink more until the headache goes away.

More tips:

  • You choose setting on the machine according to what feels good, all people are different and it should not burn or feel too overwhelming.

  • Regardless of the setting, the machine emits the same amount of frequencies and waves (energy). It is only the heat and the strength of the blow that are different. 

  • When you treat problem areas through the clothes you can often treat with higher heat. On CLASSIC = Setting 3.

  • When treating the eyes/eyesight close your eyes to never stare into the blue light, which is primarily a therapeutic antibacterial light for skin conditions, as well as a visual aid to see where you are directing the energy.

  • You can also reach the spine from the front but can more quickly "warm up" the spine from the back. (You can more easily reach the entire spine with Dr. Cochran's 2-point method.)

  • TIPS for CLASSIC: If you run on the highest setting you can alternate with lower heat setting so that the machine cools down in-between. Then you can treat for longer without it automatically shutting down in the event of overheating: If you don't only use the highest heat, you can treat for more than an hour without the machine shutting down.

For more tips you can join our newly started Facebook group (you can leave anytime): 


For those who want to delve deeper:

Click the back button to previous webpage:

Go to Point 3: See illustrated guide about how you can treat different points and meridians.

ATTENTION! This is not necessary to get powerful results, only for those who want to immerse themselves.


If you have questions, always contact the person you purchased the product from.

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