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We are among the first registered iTeraCare™ Representatives in Sweden.

Our story

I was given the opportunity to try iTeraCare™ for a few minutes with immediate positive results for my eyesight, lumbago and a ca 10 year old leg injury with chronic pain. 

Since then I have helped many people with various health problems and most of them experienced a positive effect immediately after the treatment or the next morning.

I have continued to use the device on myself and have also seen my face rejuvenated. I have not used the machine for rejuvenation, but for continued improved eyesight. But when the machine "blows out" the treating energies at my eyes, my face/skin has also been affected. 

Growing up I was a sick child and have had a passion for health and healing ever since. After myself, and many people I know, have been helped by iTeraCare™, I am now spreading the word about this simple but incredibly powerful treatment to others. 


ATTENTION! The website is only for sharing information, not for selling the products. If you want to buy the device, contact the person who recommended/helped you with iTeraCare™.


Sunset at the Beach

“The greatest gift you can give your family
and the world is to be healthy."

- Joyce Meyer

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